Artist Bio

Through her richly colored and highly realistic paintings, Cecilia Haught takes her viewers to places of pleasure, relaxation and warmth. Although she paints a large variety of subjects in multi-styles, the primary theme of her work is creating pleasing emotions and warm atmospheres.  Whether in murals, on antique windows, or on canvas, Cecilia’s works truly take her viewers to another place.  Her fascination with and use of strong, natural light lends to the sense of reality in her paintings.

Primarily self-taught, Cecilia’s professional  art career began with trompe l’oeil mural work, and she quickly became a favorite of local interior designers who utilize her work to transform residences as well as commercial spaces.  In the past eleven years, Cecilia has created more that 100 mural works varying in size up to 40 feet wide and 35 feet tall.

She continues to show her art in juried shows throughout Northwest which allows her to share her mural work on wall hangings and her painted antique windows.   The majority of her window painting inventory is sold out at each art show since they are such favorites of the modest art collectors.

Cecilia has now created an exciting line of photorealism  that is growing in popularity.  These mostly oversized paintings capture human moments by simply showing feet.  And, although the subjects are anonymous, the bare feet create a wonderful sense of intimacy.  The images impress viewers with their detail, mastery of light and strong compositions.  In these, Cecilia refines a moment and tells a story of uncomplicated happiness and companionship.

Antique windows and canvas works are currently featured in the Red Bird Galleries, Seaside, Florida.
Today, Cecilia, her husband, Bruce, and their young son continue to enjoy life near the beaches, bayous and outdoors of Destin, Florida.

Cecilia remains active in promoting art in the community and the local schools through her service with various art foundations and charities.  Her works are often donated and featured in silent auctions, and she has created several murals for local schools.

Cecilia Haught